Server preparation
10 years ago

From the beginning of the year till now, we have more than 3000 unique visitors on our website

Poll system will be closed 15. 03. 2013. Beta server will be prepared and launched next week after that.

Thanks to all who support us!

Poll system added
10 years ago

Our main goal is to create a new server according to your wishes. That is why we offer you this poll system.

If you want comment on it or make any suggestions visit our forum.

L2Final Reborn
10 years ago

We would like to announce the opening of a new L2OFF Gracia Final server and you can choose how it is gonna be!

From now on we are working on the poll system which will be available soon for you.

The final date is not decided yet, but probably in april.

We hope you will spread the news and invite as many friends as you can to vote and play.