How to connect

  • You have decided to play on Good for you! If you follow these few steps you will be able to join our community and enjoy the game.
  • OK. The first thing you need is the Lineage 2 Gracia Final client.
  • You can download the client from the following locations:
  • Downloaded? OK. Now install the game. The instalation is simple.
Creating game account
  • Create your game account here.
Game system
  • OK, now download game system here.
  • Find the location of installed Lineage 2
    • By default – it should be installed in C:\Program Files\Lineage II
    • Windows 64bit version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lineage II
    • If you manually changed the location, go there
  • Delete the old system folder and add the one you have downloaded from our web site.
  • Run the game from L2.exe
  • Enjoy the game!